Review on Die Nacht at The Rehearsal Studio

Intimacy is decidedly of the essence across all of the selections on this album. Indeed, Lechner plays the vocal line of five of Schubert’s songs; and I suspect I am not the only one who does not miss the words! As to the sonata, there have been any number of cellists that have made a showpiece out of it, often playing it with such energy as to register with listeners sitting up in some remote balcony of an enormous concert hall. Lechner is clearly more interested in quietude than vocal display, and it serves her reading of the sonata in the same way that she can communicate the spirit behind the Schubert songs without bringing the words themselves into the performance. This may mean that Márquez serves this recording primarily as an accompanist, but he does so with an understated rhetoric that one would not find in a piano accompaniment and is engagingly moving. […]The overall result is an album that does a particularly effective job of capturing the social spirit behind the Schubertiad without compromising any of the underlying musical values of the selections being performed, and I would give anything to find just the right drawing room where I could listen to Lechner and Márquez present these selections in a recital setting!
Stephen Smoliar, The Rehearsal Studio

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